Thursday, November 4, 2010

Writing Therapy

There was a man who wanted to do some important things in his life. However all his plans went down the drain as he was attacked by a serious sickness. This man never gave up. He still wanted to do something worthwhile. The time spent in bed resulted in a great novel. If he was not sick there would not be a great novel for people to read. We should never give up in the midst of trials and all kinds of setbacks.
A Roman Catholic priest in PNG was ill for several months and that illness led to the PNG Tok Pisin Dictionary. We should not be discouraged in times of trial but spend that time doing something while like painting, singing, writing poems and even learning new hobbies.
My daughter was bullied by some of her class mates including a best friend of hers. That threat resulted in helping her father and mother more and more. She even memorized some Bible verses like Rom 8:31. She had to read this before she leaves for the school each day.
One simple way to start is write down things to do in your dairy or a piece of paper each night or in the morning. If you planning something then get it down on paper to clear your mind. If you want to write a book, a clan history or translate something, then do it while you have the time.
I once wrote a feature and it was not used in one of the weekly papers. I kept that same copy and send it to one of the daily papers and it was used as a feature article.
Someone sent me something that encouraged me therefore I want to share it with you.
One day a young lady was driving along with her father. They came upon a storm, and the young lady asked her father, what should I do?" He said "keep driving". Cars began to pull over to the side, the storm was getting worse.
"What should I do." The young lady asked? "Keep driving," her father replied.
On up a few feet, she noticed that eighteen wheelers were also pulling over. She told her dad, "I must pull over, I can barely see ahead. It is terrible, and everyone is pulling over!"
Her father told her, "Don't give up, just keep driving!"
Now the storm was terrible, but she never stopped driving, and soon she could see a little more clearly. After a couple of miles she was again on dry land, and the sun came out. Her father said, "Now you can pull over and get out."
She said "But why now?" He said "When you get out, look back at all the people that gave up and are still in the storm, because you never gave up your storm is now over. This is a testimony for anyone who is going through "hard times".
Just because everyone else, even the strongest, gives up. You don't have to...if you keep going, soon your storm will be over and the sun will shine upon your face again.
Happy Writing. Write one page at a time.


Timothy Kwara
Jiwaka Province

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learning from the internet

I am back again. Last term I was teaching two ministry courses and one discipleship course. This meant that I had no time to write.I even neglected my journal writing and had no time for this blog. However I am so happy to see that I have eight followers. Never mind, I just want to share what I have been learning for the past few months.

One thing that I learn was searching the internet for information and even looking for answers on some health issues. Internet is fun and you will  get all your information at your finger tips. When I was connected some years ago I used to browse the internet all the time.

I even use the internet to read news and to read commentaries for my theological assignment. This is a great help for those who are students. Sometimes I am so busy. The only problem is that because I work in a country side and the internet is so slow at times.

Sometimes you will feel that you are hiding somewhere in the jungle and there is no time to read. Well try and contact your email buddies or go to these new social technologies like skoost and facebook. Sometimes I have seen so many people communicating with me through Skoost and I cannot confirm their request.

At times my email is full of all kinds of email. I only read those that I want to read. I delete the rest. Sometines there is hardly time to read everything. One day I decided to delete all the skoost email in my computer. When I returned after a few days my computer was full again. I kept deleting again.

I am still learning.  There are many good uses for the internet and there are bad influences as well. But always keep your eyes open and do not let this new technology control you. Keep reading and listening to news.
Therefore friends do not let this new technology control you. Learn to use them and find good things you can get out of them. Have a happy week.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Writing in quietness

It has been five weeks since I wrote in this blog. It was quite a busy time for so therefore you have not seen anything posted. However I am quite free now to write this.For the last term (8 weeks) I was busy teaching and therefore I had no time to write. In between I travelled to Kiunga and stayed for four days to get use to the heat. Well, let’s start now.

One of the subjects that I taught was ‘Spiritual formation’ and this has resulted in the title of this article. Many people want solitude and silence so that they can think and meditate. It is good to be quiet rather than living with noise all around. You can get away to a quiet place or shut out the noise.

I just came back from a recording studio and it was good to sit in silence and be interviewed. Sometimes we need quietness to sleep, relax as more sounds can cause headaches and restlessness. I once went to Lae and stayed at a settlement because the extension students all lived at the settlement. That night as I went to sleep the tape record was playing full blast and there was noise all around. Somehow I managed to sleep and had a good rest. In the morning there was no noise.

It is good to get away and find a quiet place to write so you will also find time to do something you want to do. For a long time I have wanted to write a devotional book but I have not find to do it. It will be good to block some time off to think, meditate and write outlines so that when there is space and time, you can write as much as you want.

Find time to read what others have written so that this will help you in your writing

Thursday, July 15, 2010

How the internet is proving useful

 Well, I am back again. It has been quite a busy time for me as I prepared course notes and prepared my teaching schedules. My journalist training comes in handy as I have to follow deadlines. I have been out of active journalism for the last 10 years but my knowledge is updated through the internet.
Besides preparing theological course notes I was also correcting my 9,000 word thesis. The internet has been a time saver as I was doing research. Instead of going to the library you can just press a button on your computer and the internet will answer questions or show you where to go. Internet has also helped me with all the information that I needed. I am writing about discipleship in Melanesia and I sent some e-mail to some South Pacific countries and did not receive any response. The best way was to browse the internet and find the answers to my questions. Sometimes one can be addicted but you must also control yourself. It is through the internet that you can network with others and also collaborate as well. I am really learning a lot and also knowing about current events through the internet. You can learn so many new things on the internet. There are Bible commentaries, thesarus, dictionaries and even encyclopaedias on the internet. One University in PNG has internet in the Library so through the net students can have access to so much information. There is no need to order library books or build more shelves to put library books on. All you have to do is know how to use the internet. The computer certainly is bringing more changes and we have to embrace these changes. However each department, school or other institutions need to have an IT policy in place to protect themselves as internet has its own disadvantages as well. Cheers and happy reading.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long Distance mentoring

It's great to be back to send you this new post. Well, I want to talk about long distance mentoring. I have looked through the internet and found that many people are making business in mentoring, selling their products and trying to help people.

In 2006-7 some of my students who were  in my cell group communicated with me through the e-mail. I was able to reply through e-mail. I also sent letters to students on internship. Each month faculty members write to students. I termed this as long distance mentoring. In the Bible the Apostle Paul sent letters to churches and this letters make up the many epistles in the New Testament.

Long distance mentoring can also be done through the the mobile. That is if you want to be brief to answer problems in your family. Here at DTE we also write letters and send newsletters to all our 1000 plus students.

I was also mentored long distance as I was writing my thesis. The friend whom I asked for advise however told me that face to face mentoring was better. However due to busyness and so many things that occopy our time long distance mentoring is very helpful.

This is one way of helping people to develop their potential and it is also a good way to use your writing skills. Three weeks ago I attended a seminar and  one of the exercises was to thank all who mentored us in the past. I have not done mine yet but I made a list of those who mentored me and I will write a thank you letter later. A female staff member came around to look for an email address for one of her mentors who encouraged her to go to Bible School.

Will you send an email to someone who mentored or give a phone all? It's all up to you.

Bye for now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hibernating but quite busy.

I am now back but I felt that I was hibernating. Yes,I was quite busy trying to complete the formating of a Tok Pisin TEE course. The course has been completed. In the middle of that I was asked to teach proposal writing to second year students. Well, I managed and the three -day course has been taught. I decided to stop everything and focus my energy and attention to this particular course. I am glad it is over but I had to pay a price.I decided not to take up any part-time class to study.
I also found that proposal writing can be fun but it also will be hard work. There must be hard work so that a project can be funded. While surfing the web, I also found some good hints for writing submissions. In a writing can be used to help others so that they can help themselves. I also learnt a lot from the students as well. In fact there was a student in the class who started a project and he had to ask others to help him with his proposal.
Another good news I found was that a local Bible College in PNG has started training its staff to study online in partnership with some of the  Theological Colleges in  USA and Philippines. That college is still searching for more partners and this has helped them in their extension studies. This is quite a big leap in technical theological learning. Students are studying at Masters and Bachelor programs.
See you later.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blending the old and the new

Several months ago I was doing research on the traditional meeting house (hausman) for my BTh thesis. I had to read and ask people and find books. As a result of this research I named one of my blogs –Hausman. You can read about this blog by visiting
I found many good concepts about family unity and good ways of communicating through the study of the hausman. Despite many good ways of learning and achieving unity there were some bad practices followed as well.
Through reading the Melanesian Journal of Theology, Point and Catalyst. These are good theological publications that specialize on culture and the Bible. I found some ways which caused the young people to submit, to be humble and respect the elders and the culture of that day.
A missionary did his research on education by concentrating on initiation is some parts of PNG. Some of customs followed brought pain and some were weird but there were lots of good core values like respect, submission, humility, discipline, cultural survival, education, teaching on human reproduction and other traditional wisdom which are still valid and are found in the Bible.
For example the younger generation were told to work hard, taught to protect themselves and make good gardens, help other people in the community, to be obedient and helpful to those in need. These are some of the core values that we badly need in country today.

Happy reading

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding time to write journals.


I have been quite busy and do not have enough time to write my journal. However sometimes I find it hard but as long as I can pray. Sometimes we survive by prayer alone knowing that God alone can help us to carry on His work. Often there are challenges when our family members ask us to help them with finance.
Sometimes we must learn to trust the One who has called us. Just by eating dry kaukau or eating starch with noodles mixed with all kinds of greens, sometimes we caan survive. That is what you do when you live among people who love to eat kaukau and other starch with only greens. Yes, you can say that beans provide the protein.
This morning we had to wake up so early in order to get out of the house by 7.15 am.
We still had the time to say our morning prayers. If it was in POM there would be a traffic jam. We briskly walk out of the house in time so we were thankful that we woke up quite early in the morning.
We wish we were back in POM. However I still remember a prophetic utterance that a Board member made. At that time I was contemplating to leave Banz just for family reasons. The board member just before praying said this, “You are in the right place at the right time”. Some years ago another board member said this in his prayer “God, this family is needed by their church and by their loved ones at home.” We said Amen and those thoughts haunted us for many years. I was so surprised when the latest prophetic word was ‘to remain at CLTC’. No wonder we had to stay on.

Happy reading.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Songs to encourage

Recently I was depressed because I was told that I would do one subject per semester. I thought of all the years that I have served God in the College where I work. Every time I wanted to do a subject I was always warned. However God is good because it is half way to a Bachelor of Theology with only 2 more courses to go. That will result in Advanced Diploma of Christian Studies.

Then not knowing a friend in Switzerland sent me this song by Don Moen and I want to share it with you. You may be oppressed,  hurting, restless and feeling helpless. Do not worry, just sing a song to cheer you up. If you do not feel like singing then read the lyrics.

Why not compose songs to help you get out of depression. Below are the words of the Song. "God will make a way".

God will make a way – Where there seems to be no way.

He works in ways – We cannot see
He will make a way for me.
He will be my guide – Hold me closely to His side,
With love and strength – For each new day
He will make a way. - He will make a way.
By a roadway - In the wilderness
He'll lead me.
Rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven and earth will fade
But His word will still remain
And He will do - Something new today.
With love and strength - For each new day
He will make a way. - He will make a way.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What a busy writer can do

For the last few weeks, I have been so busy with so many things to do. I had to correct the Tok Pisin in one of the TEE courses. I started work on it five years ago. That is not the first time I did that. In 1994 I wrote something about a book that was written about the Rev Sue Rankin, the first woman Minister in the London Missionary Society mission in Papua. I  just left the story and was busy with other things. Then one day I worked on it again and sent it to one of the daily newspapers and it was published. The weekly paper had rejected it.

I just located an e-mail in which I was kindly reminded to let some things go and focus on the important things. I agreed but sometimes it is quite hard in Melanesia. Last year I had the privillege to visit some places to visit TEE students in West and East Sepik. It was tiring but I completed all my schedules and I even visited the local FM station in a small town known as Maprik.

Since it had taken my five years to work on the TEE course now I am committing this term or quarter to complete this study. I am also thinking of writing practical ministry assignments for some of the English courses as well.

I hope that those who see this blog will be encourage. As Melanesians sometimes we are carefree but at other times deadlines are important. I learnt this in my journalism career. At the same time one must not neglect their family duties and time with God. A successful writer is the product of a disciplined, loving and carefree person.

So do not allow writing and deadlines stop you from pursuing your hobbies and other local community activities. Em tasol and happy writing.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saving your work

Several years ago a pioneer missionary who was translating the Bible into Toaripi encountered tragedy. His house at Moru London Missionary Society station in Gulf Province was destroyed by fire. The missionary, Rev Dr Bert Brown  had almost completed the Bible and all his work went into flames.

However the late Rev Brown who has been a well loved missionary by the Toaripi people was determined to continue the task. In 1980 the complete Toaripi Bible was dedicated. This determined missionary persisted in those days when there were no computers.

Recently a SIL translator had her computer stolen. She had worked very hard to write a TEE course. However she will have to start all over again.

In the DTE department two years ago our main computer used by the Secretary crashed. All our typed course notes were lost. Fortunately we were able to recover the data base.

These three stories show that we must save our work on CDs, floppy disk, flash drives and other means. Even if you have a hard copy somewhere in a book, keep the book in a safe place as well. Keep all your notes that you scribbled on as well.You never know that you will need the copies in the future.

Do not forget to make back up copies. Keep all your copies of work safely stored away in a filing cabinet.
It is better to work on a few books at a time. Here at DTE since we want our books to go out on the hands of our students, we are working on several books at the same time.

Here at the DTE department we are typing some of the books while other notes are being scanned. It is good to have a scanner and CD burner. When you want to record something you can easily copy it. The good thing about CDs is that they are lighter then carrying 5-6 books which may cost you so much if you travel by air.

Not only that but ants and other insects will eat the paper and therefore it is good to save you work as soon as you can. In places where there are frequent blackouts, you must keep saving your work in the computer.
Keep you computer hidden away, if it is a laptop.

After publishing your book, send a copy to any Library so it will be kept safely. I will be back with more tips and hints but at the moment always keep your work in a safe place stored physically or digitally.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wonders of technology

A few months ago someone in Finland contacted me after reading my blog. Then just last week a former student of CLTC emailed me from  Malaysia after reading Melanesian Scribe. I had few more people writing to me.

Just yesterday another old friend of mine now living in Lae contacted me telling me that he read MS. This person wrote to me via Face Book. This is the wonder of technology. Writing these days is not focused on books only. With the arrival of the new technology- blogs, Face Book and other computer programs are becoming popular.

And it is quicker and effecient to use e-mail to send notes all around the world in one day. Then there is skype and other ways of communicating. I live in a small rural town so I am still learning all these new developments.

Only when the internet goes fast then communication will be effective from my end. There will come a time when you will not need paper to communicate. Already Divine Word University is following this trend. Not only that but all students are given laptops and flash drives.

Here at Banz, most students have digital cameras, flash drives and laptops. This was something unheard of 10 years ago. Not only that but there are more mobile phones around. So we now live in a small world. However there is the bad side of things such as texting unwanted photos through mobile phones. So we all need to be cautious as well.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to work

Yes, I am back to work. It takes time to het back to the routine. Well, I had to check my email and delete all the old ones. Then clear my table. You see I was down with malaria and I have just recovered.

I had to get all the correspondence done, reply all the emails and then start working on a Tutor's guide for Efesus Buk 2. Sometimes phone calls and people wanting to see me disturb the editting process as well as proof reading.

Sometimes I am organised but in Melanesia sometimes people can come to see you any time so you get side track again. Anyway I am almost finishing this book but then there are administration work to attend to and meetings.

I sometimes write when my wife and daughter are watching TV. At other times I get up so early to write. I cannot manage to get away somewhere at a Guest House I prefer to write while my family is nearby.

The secret to writing more is being disciplined. Yes, I get carried away or do other things but when I am disciplined I can manage to write as much as I can no matter what.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to school

My daughter is only 10 but she asks me so many questions. She is learning somethings that I never learnt at her age. She will probably make a better reporter than me. She is so observant and can remember many things. She learns so fast and is good at memorising Bible verses. Yes, young minds are so keen and alert. They need to learn many good things to become better and productive citizens.
My daughter, is so fortunate that she has learnt to use a computer, mobile phone and other new technological innovations. She can use the e-mail and send SMS. I never did this things at her age. She can also operate a DVD player and use a digital camera. One day she made some video clips, and that was when I sarted learning from her. What a genius? However for sure I am wiser in many ways.
Let's look after our children and guide them in their future. When I look at the young kids they are blessed with so many technological innovations. Let's give proper education to our children and help them in their learning.