Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hibernating but quite busy.

I am now back but I felt that I was hibernating. Yes,I was quite busy trying to complete the formating of a Tok Pisin TEE course. The course has been completed. In the middle of that I was asked to teach proposal writing to second year students. Well, I managed and the three -day course has been taught. I decided to stop everything and focus my energy and attention to this particular course. I am glad it is over but I had to pay a price.I decided not to take up any part-time class to study.
I also found that proposal writing can be fun but it also will be hard work. There must be hard work so that a project can be funded. While surfing the web, I also found some good hints for writing submissions. In a writing can be used to help others so that they can help themselves. I also learnt a lot from the students as well. In fact there was a student in the class who started a project and he had to ask others to help him with his proposal.
Another good news I found was that a local Bible College in PNG has started training its staff to study online in partnership with some of the  Theological Colleges in  USA and Philippines. That college is still searching for more partners and this has helped them in their extension studies. This is quite a big leap in technical theological learning. Students are studying at Masters and Bachelor programs.
See you later.