Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blending the old and the new

Several months ago I was doing research on the traditional meeting house (hausman) for my BTh thesis. I had to read and ask people and find books. As a result of this research I named one of my blogs –Hausman. You can read about this blog by visiting
I found many good concepts about family unity and good ways of communicating through the study of the hausman. Despite many good ways of learning and achieving unity there were some bad practices followed as well.
Through reading the Melanesian Journal of Theology, Point and Catalyst. These are good theological publications that specialize on culture and the Bible. I found some ways which caused the young people to submit, to be humble and respect the elders and the culture of that day.
A missionary did his research on education by concentrating on initiation is some parts of PNG. Some of customs followed brought pain and some were weird but there were lots of good core values like respect, submission, humility, discipline, cultural survival, education, teaching on human reproduction and other traditional wisdom which are still valid and are found in the Bible.
For example the younger generation were told to work hard, taught to protect themselves and make good gardens, help other people in the community, to be obedient and helpful to those in need. These are some of the core values that we badly need in country today.

Happy reading