Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long Distance mentoring

It's great to be back to send you this new post. Well, I want to talk about long distance mentoring. I have looked through the internet and found that many people are making business in mentoring, selling their products and trying to help people.

In 2006-7 some of my students who were  in my cell group communicated with me through the e-mail. I was able to reply through e-mail. I also sent letters to students on internship. Each month faculty members write to students. I termed this as long distance mentoring. In the Bible the Apostle Paul sent letters to churches and this letters make up the many epistles in the New Testament.

Long distance mentoring can also be done through the the mobile. That is if you want to be brief to answer problems in your family. Here at DTE we also write letters and send newsletters to all our 1000 plus students.

I was also mentored long distance as I was writing my thesis. The friend whom I asked for advise however told me that face to face mentoring was better. However due to busyness and so many things that occopy our time long distance mentoring is very helpful.

This is one way of helping people to develop their potential and it is also a good way to use your writing skills. Three weeks ago I attended a seminar and  one of the exercises was to thank all who mentored us in the past. I have not done mine yet but I made a list of those who mentored me and I will write a thank you letter later. A female staff member came around to look for an email address for one of her mentors who encouraged her to go to Bible School.

Will you send an email to someone who mentored or give a phone all? It's all up to you.

Bye for now.