Monday, July 2, 2012

Writing and disciplined

How do you write a thesis or meeting minutes or your own personal diary in a time of busyness? The answer is for one to plan what to write and be disciplined. Even students at school need to work out their own shorter forms of writing. For students they need to take notes and sort out those notes. The notes need to be rearranged. I just did that some hours ago. I had to rearranged some lecture notes written in the 1980s. For schools and institutions there must be policies to revise, update or rewrite old courses. For scribes, it is a matter of organising your thoughts and get the big picture. Late Jack Metta told me once , "You must think of what to write and the angle of the story and the intro while waiting for the driver to take you to any event," This advice was something that I kept all those years. This is one way to write up articles and go home early.
When I joined an  NGO, my boss told me, think about the types of stories you want to gather for your newsletter. When you finish one newsletter or article start planning the next one. This all depends on how disciplined you are.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Look, look and look

Hello followers and readers.

You maybe wondering where I have been. Now I am back because the internet has been upgraded at Banz. However sometimes there are power problems that make things so slow.

I am now attending a writing and research class by Dr Bruce Renich. He reminded us last week about the importance of reading carefully and reading over and over again. This is one way where writers can get the information that they need. Sometimes we only skim and glance. However careful observation will really help us to understand the information we need.

So you readers out there. Read, read and read more to become good writers.