Thursday, July 15, 2010

How the internet is proving useful

 Well, I am back again. It has been quite a busy time for me as I prepared course notes and prepared my teaching schedules. My journalist training comes in handy as I have to follow deadlines. I have been out of active journalism for the last 10 years but my knowledge is updated through the internet.
Besides preparing theological course notes I was also correcting my 9,000 word thesis. The internet has been a time saver as I was doing research. Instead of going to the library you can just press a button on your computer and the internet will answer questions or show you where to go. Internet has also helped me with all the information that I needed. I am writing about discipleship in Melanesia and I sent some e-mail to some South Pacific countries and did not receive any response. The best way was to browse the internet and find the answers to my questions. Sometimes one can be addicted but you must also control yourself. It is through the internet that you can network with others and also collaborate as well. I am really learning a lot and also knowing about current events through the internet. You can learn so many new things on the internet. There are Bible commentaries, thesarus, dictionaries and even encyclopaedias on the internet. One University in PNG has internet in the Library so through the net students can have access to so much information. There is no need to order library books or build more shelves to put library books on. All you have to do is know how to use the internet. The computer certainly is bringing more changes and we have to embrace these changes. However each department, school or other institutions need to have an IT policy in place to protect themselves as internet has its own disadvantages as well. Cheers and happy reading.