Thursday, September 9, 2010

Writing in quietness

It has been five weeks since I wrote in this blog. It was quite a busy time for so therefore you have not seen anything posted. However I am quite free now to write this.For the last term (8 weeks) I was busy teaching and therefore I had no time to write. In between I travelled to Kiunga and stayed for four days to get use to the heat. Well, let’s start now.

One of the subjects that I taught was ‘Spiritual formation’ and this has resulted in the title of this article. Many people want solitude and silence so that they can think and meditate. It is good to be quiet rather than living with noise all around. You can get away to a quiet place or shut out the noise.

I just came back from a recording studio and it was good to sit in silence and be interviewed. Sometimes we need quietness to sleep, relax as more sounds can cause headaches and restlessness. I once went to Lae and stayed at a settlement because the extension students all lived at the settlement. That night as I went to sleep the tape record was playing full blast and there was noise all around. Somehow I managed to sleep and had a good rest. In the morning there was no noise.

It is good to get away and find a quiet place to write so you will also find time to do something you want to do. For a long time I have wanted to write a devotional book but I have not find to do it. It will be good to block some time off to think, meditate and write outlines so that when there is space and time, you can write as much as you want.

Find time to read what others have written so that this will help you in your writing