Monday, March 15, 2010

What a busy writer can do

For the last few weeks, I have been so busy with so many things to do. I had to correct the Tok Pisin in one of the TEE courses. I started work on it five years ago. That is not the first time I did that. In 1994 I wrote something about a book that was written about the Rev Sue Rankin, the first woman Minister in the London Missionary Society mission in Papua. I  just left the story and was busy with other things. Then one day I worked on it again and sent it to one of the daily newspapers and it was published. The weekly paper had rejected it.

I just located an e-mail in which I was kindly reminded to let some things go and focus on the important things. I agreed but sometimes it is quite hard in Melanesia. Last year I had the privillege to visit some places to visit TEE students in West and East Sepik. It was tiring but I completed all my schedules and I even visited the local FM station in a small town known as Maprik.

Since it had taken my five years to work on the TEE course now I am committing this term or quarter to complete this study. I am also thinking of writing practical ministry assignments for some of the English courses as well.

I hope that those who see this blog will be encourage. As Melanesians sometimes we are carefree but at other times deadlines are important. I learnt this in my journalism career. At the same time one must not neglect their family duties and time with God. A successful writer is the product of a disciplined, loving and carefree person.

So do not allow writing and deadlines stop you from pursuing your hobbies and other local community activities. Em tasol and happy writing.

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