Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learning from the internet

I am back again. Last term I was teaching two ministry courses and one discipleship course. This meant that I had no time to write.I even neglected my journal writing and had no time for this blog. However I am so happy to see that I have eight followers. Never mind, I just want to share what I have been learning for the past few months.

One thing that I learn was searching the internet for information and even looking for answers on some health issues. Internet is fun and you will  get all your information at your finger tips. When I was connected some years ago I used to browse the internet all the time.

I even use the internet to read news and to read commentaries for my theological assignment. This is a great help for those who are students. Sometimes I am so busy. The only problem is that because I work in a country side and the internet is so slow at times.

Sometimes you will feel that you are hiding somewhere in the jungle and there is no time to read. Well try and contact your email buddies or go to these new social technologies like skoost and facebook. Sometimes I have seen so many people communicating with me through Skoost and I cannot confirm their request.

At times my email is full of all kinds of email. I only read those that I want to read. I delete the rest. Sometines there is hardly time to read everything. One day I decided to delete all the skoost email in my computer. When I returned after a few days my computer was full again. I kept deleting again.

I am still learning.  There are many good uses for the internet and there are bad influences as well. But always keep your eyes open and do not let this new technology control you. Keep reading and listening to news.
Therefore friends do not let this new technology control you. Learn to use them and find good things you can get out of them. Have a happy week.

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