Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to work

Yes, I am back to work. It takes time to het back to the routine. Well, I had to check my email and delete all the old ones. Then clear my table. You see I was down with malaria and I have just recovered.

I had to get all the correspondence done, reply all the emails and then start working on a Tutor's guide for Efesus Buk 2. Sometimes phone calls and people wanting to see me disturb the editting process as well as proof reading.

Sometimes I am organised but in Melanesia sometimes people can come to see you any time so you get side track again. Anyway I am almost finishing this book but then there are administration work to attend to and meetings.

I sometimes write when my wife and daughter are watching TV. At other times I get up so early to write. I cannot manage to get away somewhere at a Guest House I prefer to write while my family is nearby.

The secret to writing more is being disciplined. Yes, I get carried away or do other things but when I am disciplined I can manage to write as much as I can no matter what.

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