Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to school

My daughter is only 10 but she asks me so many questions. She is learning somethings that I never learnt at her age. She will probably make a better reporter than me. She is so observant and can remember many things. She learns so fast and is good at memorising Bible verses. Yes, young minds are so keen and alert. They need to learn many good things to become better and productive citizens.
My daughter, is so fortunate that she has learnt to use a computer, mobile phone and other new technological innovations. She can use the e-mail and send SMS. I never did this things at her age. She can also operate a DVD player and use a digital camera. One day she made some video clips, and that was when I sarted learning from her. What a genius? However for sure I am wiser in many ways.
Let's look after our children and guide them in their future. When I look at the young kids they are blessed with so many technological innovations. Let's give proper education to our children and help them in their learning.

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