Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

My family and I are quite busy preparing to go to Port Moresby then to Hula village. After a few weeks we plan to go to Gulf Province, my wife's home. Yes, I have lived for the last 9 years in Banz which will soon become part of the new Jiwaka province.
Being away from home I have seen so many changes but I am also harnessing the new technological developments like blogs, face book, twitter and friend feed etc. These are all new to me.
I am seeing the good things that can come out from the internet. Although there is a bad side of the internet as well. Internet has helped me in my assignments and quick information, I needed.
One day my daughter wanted to know the names of some governors of certain provinces. I just got the information in a few seconds. The other time my wife wanted a recipe, it was available in seconds.
My e-mail is so full these days because I can get in the net and register to receive certain e-mails. At first when I started I was addicted but now I have slow down a bit.
Thank God for the new and latest technology. However we must discipline ourselves when to get to the net.
Happy reading.