Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PNG courses used overseas.

An Australian College has shown interest in CLTC TEE courses written in PNG.Amos Leana, who has been a great supporter of TEE now plans to introduce the CLTC TEE to the Bimbadeen College in Australia.
Amos was recently in CLTC with some of his colleagues to look at the TEE courses and do negotiations to sign an agreement. There were four leaders
who were at CLTC Banz, who attended the Langham Preaching Conference which from November 29th to December 4th. In the past the Bimbadeen students have studied “Come Follow Me” and “Come Let us Worship”. The College Board and the Training Committee have asked for Discipleship courses to be taught at the College. This is not the first time for CLTC TEE courses to be used overseas. Previously the discipleship and Ephesians courses were used in New Zealand. TEE course have been translated into Bahasa Indonesia, Fiji and Swiss languages as well. There was a quiry from Cambodia to translate the marriage courses into that language. So you can see that we are importing our courses as well. We have something to offer to the world.

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