Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What careers can writers be involved in

You may see this heading in the post with the photo of a trained journalist. Caine Ruruk completed studies in 1981 at UPNG but after his graduation, his brother passed away. The only option was to return home and be a villager. However Caine still held onto his dreams. He was involved in the youth ministry as well as other community activities.

After living at Wanigela village, Oro Province for over 10 years he became involved in the literacy program and later ended up to work with the PNG Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA).

His work involved encouraging literacy teachers, training them and publishing literacy materials like big books, shell books and even working on curriculum. Well, you can see that Caine's journalism training became handy.

Come on you writers, authors, roving scribes and photo journalist, there's lot of opportunity out there and grab one if you can.

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