Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Writing in busyness

For the last few months I kept writing my thesis. I wrote at night, early morning and when my wife and daughter were watching TV. I even wrote after eating lunch. I had to be disciplined and I manage to write 10, 300 words or so.

Now I will be working on the bibliography and to do the corrections and reduce the number of words. It is not easy but one must put aside other work and interest to complete the thesis. It has been a challenge for me.

Besides that I counsel and help other students who write their thesis especially proof reading them. My dream is to write a book of my own. For the last 5 years that I have been in the DTE department, I have written at least 5 Tutor guides. This is a small achievement but I must write more and more. I completed one TEE course but now I will have to work on the corrections. There are more books or studies to be worked on.

Never give up. If you do not have the time you need to collect items and also to make plans to write and set aside some time and write. Even if you spend five minutes to correct a footnote or locate some of the books or notes that you have used. These days modern technology has made write much easier. So keep writing and think about Melanesian issues.

Thanks and have a enjoyable time reading. TKwara

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