Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Self publishing in PNG

I met Rosie a week ago at a conference and she has been living in PNG for the last 13 years. When I saw her interest in writing books, I asked who was paying for the books she printed.
She replied that her supporters back in UK were helping her to pay for the cost. Some of her books were printed in Tari while others were printed overseas. Rosie keeps on writing and she is a doctor by profession. Seeing patients and attending to their needs does not stop her passion to write.
Melanesians can do that too. We can start a bank account for writing. Rosie's books are sold cheaply and the funds go into an account to get more books printed. Check the nearest bookshops, library, stationary shops and even schools to see what books or topics have not been written about. This will give you an idea to write issues that are relevant to Melanesians. Well, you may say that I do not have any money. You could start by writing a 2 page newsletter or even start a ezine, ebulletion or egazette. There are many opportunities and we need to harness them to work for us.

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