Monday, December 7, 2009

How to write despite being busy

As Melanesians we seem to lag behind in writing. This is because we are oral learners. However we do have our own writing which was so symbolic. Such writing is seen in designs on tapa cloth, designs in lime pots, even tatooing of bodies.

This should not stop us from striving to write. I just attended a conference conducted by some Australian preachers and their idea for people to continue preaching is to start a preaching class. The preachers will meet and discuss their outlines and encourage each other. This is the same concept use by the TEE department.

I believe Melanesian writers can form such groups in their towns or villages and start encouraging each other. The writers can share ideas and be accountable to a leader. They may write book reviews, short stories, legends, poems and other forms of writing.

In the past there were writing competitons but I hardly see one these days. I remember while I was at High School,the English teacher offered a prize for the best essay. There were rules made to stop people from speaking their languages. Such regulations helped us but I also value my own language.

Any we need to encourage a new breed of writers. Now with the internet and the different programs writers can write as much as they like. That's all for today.

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