Monday, March 9, 2009

More Melanesian theological books needed

For the last few weeks I have been studying salvation as part of my Bachelor of Theology course. We were given an assignment to write about salvation in the Bible and in Melanesian culture. To my dismay there were very few books written on the topic.

This means that I have to think back to my culture and write up something about it. It is good that the Melanesian Institute has done so much research and written on some of the topics. Books such as Catalyst, Point and Umben provide a valuable service to theological students.

The books written by Melanesian Institute provide good materials when it comes to writing essays, assignments and thesis. The thoughts are useful and opens up the minds of students who have forgotten their culture.

So all the intellectuals out there, you need to write and share openly about what is on your mind.

em t'sol TK

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