Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Calling on theologians

The Distance Theological Education section of the Theological Departments needs course writers. There is a great need for Melanesians tp start write writing Theological Education by Extension (TEE) courses.
In some countries these TEE courses also include themes such as health, first aid, community development. The courses are offered at Diploma, certificate and at Masters level as well. In India TEE courses are offered at Master's level and the award is called Master in Theological Studies (MTS). They also offer Bachelor of Theological Studies (BTS).
As for developed countries, they have online schools and provide their lessons through correspondence, through CDs and through the email. This is something that our people in PNG and all Melanesian countries need to do so that we can develop our home grown TEE materials.
Since TEE was developed 33 years ago courses are still offered at certificate level. We need to have big dreams and pursue them. We can do it when we have the faith to do something new.

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