Monday, March 23, 2009

Always write down what you hear and are taught

A friend of mine who was a computer wiz was so helpful and always shared his knowledge about computers. He was so friendly and helped us those who are computer illiterate. Being close to such a person really helped me. Even if we were typing on the computer and encountered problems that took us hours to solve, he would be there to help us.


When we had questions, the answers were on the tip of his fingers or the tip of his mouth. As a result of our constant nagging from the DTE office, this person made a manual for us. He taught us many tips and tricks but today I cannot recall some of the lessons that I learnt. It was because I had not written them down. However I have some good IT contacts who have given their time to help me when the similar questions popped up. After being a fool I have become wiser by keeping a small note book to glue any print outs from the internet or to write down anything that I find interesting or helpful from e-tutorials.


I am so grateful for those who have shared their knowledge with me. Yes, knowledge is for sharing, empowering and helping those who are unfortunate. I remembered an overseas staff member who walked into my office one day and showed me several things about the email. I did not ask this person for help. E-mail is one thing that I just picked up by exploring the program myself and experimenting what to do. I did the same with blogging. I am not an expert but there was someone who just gave me some instructions and I just picked up from there. Partly I had read some newspaper articles and did my own research.


What a pity as I ask the same questions today about computing, I feel like a fool for not recording what I was taught. As usual since being Melanesians who belong to an oral culture, we take things for granted. It pays to record what you are taught. Thanks to some good IT friends that I have today, they give their time to help me.


I have several journals which I recorded my devotional thoughts. After some months and years I always look through the journals and they reveal to me my spiritual state in those times. It shows how I have grown in the Lord. I would like to encourage you to keep a spiritual journal for the future.


Likewise recording helps in our spiritual journey too. Keeping a devotional journal is part of a spiritual discipline. For example some spiritual disciplines are fasting, memorizing scriptures, studying God’s Word, Fasting, prayer etc. You can learn about some of these spiritual journals in a TEE course called “After God’s own heart”.


It reminds me of a student, who went to the phone booth to make a call but realized that he had forgotten the phone number. In a similar way another person rang the number but forgot what to say. It is like shopping with a shopping list. If we have good memories we can buy what we want. Keep recording things down today.


As a result of loosing many of the good things I learnt about computing, I still keep my assignments at CLTC as well as sermons and devotions and other work that I have done. I have copied all my sermons at CLTC on CD for future use and as resource for teaching in the future.  Yes, I better stop here; remember to make a note of all good and helpful things. Cheers.


This is a picture taken by some friends in North Wales, UK in  a small town called Prestatyn. I was there some years back to attend a Media conference in Sheffield, UK.


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