Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christians Writing for Melanesian

It is so great to read books written by other people. One of the books that I really wanted to possess after seeing it in the Library was the African Bible Commentary (ABC). A few days later someone gave me a copy. This Commentary has been so helpful to me in my assisgnments, research and reading for understanding.
I wonder if there will be a Melanesian Commentary for people in Melanesia to use. The ABC is so helpful and since African and Melanesian cultures are quite similar, I easily understand what I am looking for.
PNG needs more books written for its own people. There is the Melanesian Journal of Theology which is helpful with lots of Melanesian issues discussed. Some of the articles may be one day used in the Melanesian Bible Commentary (MBC).
There are organisations in the country writing and printing books for Melanesia but more needs to be done. When the missionaries first went to Fiji, they told Bible stories and this stories were told to others. The church in Fiji made large print Bible and other Bible helps. You can read about all this in "The Deep Sea canoe" a text book for the name of the same TEE course supplied by Christian Leaders' Training College(CLTC) in Banz, WHP.
I would like to encourage Melanesian to keep copies of their sermons, teaching sessions, journals all other materials that one day will be turned into books.These days there are CDs, DVDs and mobile phones which are useful since PNG has an oral culture. People get lazy to write. I would like to encourage nationals to keep writing. Let's make some Melanesian books for the future generations.

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