Monday, August 31, 2009

So busy these days.

Hi fans,

I have been quite busy with so many commitments. I had to rewrite a Children's ministry course and then start to work on course notes that I left unfinished in 2005. The problem is that I do not have my own computer.

For the month of August I was trying to learn to use the facebook program. I have managed to find 97 friends. So in August I did not manage to do anything on my blog. However it is good to have a blog of your own. A friend of mine has several blogs, since he works in the newspaper some of his articles are posted on his blog.

I may try to post some of my assignments on the blog. During the last few weeks we had seminars on sorcery in Papua New Guinea and how this problem can be solved. So many innocent people were murdered for no reason.

Community leaders need to find ways to handle this issue that is tearing the society apart. Maybe there should be laws made to deal with this issues. An Australian lady is now working on a TEE course on sorcery. This will be good as the issue will be dealt with in a Christian manner.

Now that I managed to find some time I decided to write something. I also managed to find that while I did not write there was a someone who decided to follow my blog. So let's all keep writing and never give up.

There was a followed who emailed me to encourage me to continue writing. Let's be balanced and not stop along the way. Better stop here knowing that time is precious.

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