Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What to do with your assignments

Hello friends,

I have been quite busy for the last 14 days. I am taking a study and busy working on manuscripts for TEE courses that have been in the computer for several years. Often teaching, preparing notes for courses and mentoring students often take up time. Besides that there are administration work like dealing with emails. letters and attending to phone calls or attending meetings. This has made me quite busy. I do not time to write letters since these days as I can rely on a mobile phone to talk to my relatives or friends. It is only those who live in the remote areas who rely on letter writing (snail mail).

Well, what can you do with assignments? I am still working on a degree course while I work and at the same time I am also teaching. This maybe too much but I know how to manage as I have done all my theological studies part-time.

I keep all my assignments in different folders. You never know that one day those articles will be helpful. I still keep some of my assignments from my High School days. I have keep speeches that I have used before. I take notes when I attend a gathering or even take notes when listening to the radio or watching the newspaper.

Whatever information you gather can be a gold mine one day. In 1987 I attended a ceremony in which a Minister was installed to look after the work of Lifeline. That same man was posted to be my pastor and the notes I gathered were used to write a story.

Do not throw your articles. I still keep a note book with all my newspaper cuttings with my byline and those news articles that I wrote. I may use them to write a book one day or use the articles for some of my lessons.

I even keep all my sermons, Bible teaching notes and even secular subject notes. Such articles come handy when I need them. I also cut newspaper articles of interest and file them away. So keep your letters or diaries as well. One day you will need them and they can refresh your memories.

Good luck to all the readers, stap isi tasol.

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