Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More time to write

Well my friends,

I am now back after a month long break. It was not a break after all. I travelled to Telefomin from April 9th to 16th. When I returned I had to write a report. After that I was planning for my next trip to Wewak, Maprik and West coast. That is the reason why I have not written anything for a month. This does not mean that I was not staying idle. I was still writing reports, replying emails, replying letters and preparing for both trips.

When the Dean and I travelled we are also asked to promote the work of the Distance Theological Education (DTE). Therefore we have to write down what we will say. When I was at Telefomin, I was asked to talk to interested people so I shared on how studying God's Word will help the people.

I found that our studies in Theological Education by Extension (TEE) will equip community leaders and help young people to be confident. The people in the rural areas can improve their English by studying TEE courses. They will also learn about marriage, youth ministry, worship, discipleship etc.

In Maprik I also spoke to Bible College students. At Walahuta I spoke at a TEE graduation and at Brugam, I shared to Bible College students. Well, I had to write all my speeches. So you see it was not a break at all. I also visited the Central Sepik FM station at Maprik and shared about TEE studies.

Well I was writing reports, letters and replying e-mails and had no time to get on the internet. But since I am back and for the sake of my readers and fans I am writing this piece. This shows that we need more time to write.

I have always told my students- write everything down on paper then take your work and type it into the computer. To go and sit down and type straight away will be quite a difficult task.

Bye for now,

Tim Kwara
Banz. WHP


  1. Hello:

    I saw your web-blog. I think it is excellent. Iam from Cuba, but I live in USA. I would like to changes links. I have 2 blogs...

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  2. You can follow my blog as well. Thanks.